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Alternative Procurement and Marketing Concepts
CTDI Europe has comprehensive repair experience and guarantees for excellent quality, also for the used equipment it sells. Communications services providers throughout Europe have benefited from this expertise for many years now, with CTDI Supply supporting them in the maintenance and expansion of their existing networks.

To this end, comprehensive stock inventories are required, which CTDI procures using its international network. This also includes end-of-life boards of various OEMs and technologies (wireline & wireless). In addition, CTDI provides comprehensive services for the marketing of obsolete and excess inventories. In the event of technological changes, these services allow the communications services providers to explore new ways of reducing their costs (asset recovery services).

Concerning their network infrastructures, our customers can achieve substantial cost savings through intelligent individual concepts as the prices of our equipment - test and warranty included - are significantly lower than the price charged by the OEMs for new equipment.

Asset Recovery Service

In the event of a technology change in the telecommunications industry, when the carriers dismantle their old equipment and still have spare parts in stock for this obsolete equipment, they quite often find themselves faced with huge quantities of obsolete equipment no longer required for maintaining or expanding their network.

CTDI Supply enables them to recover their capital and to reduce their costs of building up new stock inventories through the pick-up, identification, market-based valuation and marketing of obsolete stock. CTDI Supply also supports its customers in the cannibalization of their obsolete equipment to get spare parts, in the supply of spare parts, in the maintenance of their networks, and the switch-off of obsolete equipment.

The re-utilization of circuit boards and the recovery of raw materials are resource-saving contributions to sustainable environmental protection. If products cannot be recycled, we deliver them to certified recycling services providers. With this service, too, our customers can recover their capital through the recovery of valuable raw materials.

CTDI's customers benefit from our worldwide sales and distribution network, our many years of experience in the development, repair, and marketing of communications equipment and flexible logistics solutions.

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